Amber Magatama

The Tale so Far...

5th day of Burnt Offerings

The Heroes are traveling in a caravan when a bandit group sets upon them. the bandit group is known as the Gold Talons and the adventurers make short work of them. In the process however, the adventurer wind up knocking over a hokura and wind up being taken in front of the Lord of Kyodai.

The Lord of Kyodai was more than happy to make them examples to the Kami by having them executed. Instead however, Jingu (the advisory of the Lord of Kyodai) suggests that instead, they can be sent to the Great Izumo-Sanzen Temple in the Western Forests. She tells them that there is a problem at the temple and that they are able to redeem themselves by helping out with the problem.

They were told to travel there and from there, they would deal with the problem. As an added incentive, the court sends Monk, an Arcanist, to watch them.

They make the three day trek to travel to the temple.

7th day of Burnt Offerings

Attacked by several wolves. (4 in total)

8th day of Burnt Offerings

The adventurers arrive at Izumo-Sanzen Temple. Upon arriving, they meet with a monk named Wong who is the caretaker of the Shrine’s Kami. He tells them of the vermin problem that they are having, mainly a nocturnal vermin known as a Blister Beetle. If the adventurers can kill of the nests, then he would be grateful.

The adventurers wait till night and then go hunting down the pests. throughout the night, they go hunting the Beetles, destroying one nest and killing 10 of them. Daylight fast approached.

9th day of Burnt Offerings

The party slept in trees to prevent from being caught unawares so they could hunt again in the night. Discovering the original nest they exterminate it and head back to the temple for healing. as there are no priests there, the Kami herself (shiro-megami-sama) heals the party and sends them back out again. Instead of going back out, they all agree to sleep at the temple and start anew the next day.

10th Day of Burnt Offerings

New people are forced into the temple to be helpful as well. They all band together to continue to destroy the pest problem. Finding yet another nest, they destroy it through using an entangle.



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