Amber Magatama

More tales...

10th day of Burnt Offerings Continued

After destroying the rest of the beetles and convincing Monk that they have done so, they return back to the Temple. It is here that they are given their pardons, but are then conscripted into the Glorious Army of the Fifth Lord of Kyodai on the side of the Glorious Kami. Monk is found out to be their commissioner.

They were then allowed to stay upon and determined to figure if they wanted to be on the Front Lines, or if they wanted to be on the Hunting Lines.

The group was given the night to think it over and give Monk, their new commander, their answer.

11th day of Burnt Offerings

The group speaks with Shiro Megami-sama and Monk and after a little information is given to them, they determine to hunt the Kami on the back lines rather than fight them head on in the front lines.

They are told of a group of smugglers known as Jorogumo might be in the woods. They go into the woods and ask the Forest Kami to help locate the cave where the smugglers are supposed to be.

Midday they reach the cave and enter it.



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